Beginning in fall 2018, the VCL welcomes three new PhD students, one Master’s student, and two undergraduate students who plan to further the field of computer graphics in several key areas. All are currently advised by Asst. Professor Wojciech Jarosz.

DARIO SEYB // PhD Student
Dario is interested in using alternative geometry representations as a basis for intuitive 3D creation tools. He is particularly excited about real-time animation and VR.

Kate is coming from two years of sailing big, old boats all over the world. Her research interests revolve around incorporating elements of design into computer graphics, which may include creating artistic editing tools for complex material and light phenomena and finding new applications for non-photorealistic rendering.

Shaojie is a student from China. His research interests spread from appearance modeling and light transport in participating media to procedural content generation and game design.

ANNIE DAI // Master's Student
Annie was born in America but grew up in China. She came back for her undergraduate education in Boston and studied mathematics. Her interest in computer graphics brought her to Dartmouth, and right now she is working on a computational fabrication project that uses strings to create art images.

NEERJA THAKKAR // Undergraduate
Neerja is an undergraduate from St. Paul, Minnesota, studying computer science and mathematics. She is interested in computer graphics and vision.

AFNAN ENAYET // Undergraduate
Coming from Richmond, Virginia, Afnan is an undergraduate at Dartmouth studying computer science. He is interested in improving Monte Carlo rendering speed and deep learning.