Two new studies continue a long thread of research from the VCL on estimating how light bounces around light-scattering environments such as smoke or fog. The results will be presented at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles this summer.

A paper titled “Photon surfaces for robust, unbiased volumetric density estimation” builds upon the Master’s theses of two VCL students, Xi Deng and Shaojie Ziao, along with contributions from VCL student Benedikt Bitterli and VCL Director Wojciech Jarosz. It delves into a new multiple importance sampling scheme for combining the strengths of various photon surfaces, which estimate the density of photons around a light path through a light-scattering medium. Visit the project page for more details.

A paper titled “A null-scattering path integral formulation of light transport” also utilizes MIS to improve estimation of photon density within a heterogeneous light-scattering medium, where attributes such as color may vary (see thumbnail). This work was led by past VCL student Bailey Miller and co-authored by Iliyan Georgiev (Solid Angle) and Wojciech Jarosz. Visit the project page for more details.